Pokemon: Genesect and the Legend Awakened Review


Pokemon: Genesect and the Legend Awakened Review

By Alec R. Lee

I’ll start off by saying that this was not what I originally intended. I was originally very content with posting my Movie Snobberys on Facebook. They were concise and clear and people seemed to like them. All of that changed when I saw this movie last week when it premiered. I had this urge to rant against this movie in a long tirade, longer than a Facebook post. Initially, I was going to make a video with me interlacing an audio track over clips of the movie (a la Rifftrax). However, the clips that I could get off the internet could not work well with my software so I had to abandon the idea. That was annoying. I had a whole script written and all of my audio was recorded, only for it to go to waste. But, I did recall this invention called a “blog.” I had never had a blog before but now seemed the perfect time to create one. The idea stuck and now we shall see where it gets me in the future. Continue reading