Predictions on the Future of Ender’s Game

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Pokemon: The First Movie Review


Pokemon: The First Movie Review

By Alec R. Lee

First of all: goddamn it. I never wanted to review this movie in the first place. Hell, I’m not even a big Pokemon fan anymore. But I keep getting drawn to rant a little more and give my traffic ratings a little boost while I wait for new releases in the theaters. (What? I can be selfish too.) Who knows? This might be a good way to pass the time for all of the six people who actually read my posts. (I tip my hat to you!)

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Ender’s Game Review


Ender’s Game Review

By Alec R. Lee

Despite the man’s lunacy, you can’t deny that Orson Scott Card is a talented writer…at least until the 90s showed up. His magnum opus: Ender’s Game, was lauded with every major award a science fiction book could ever earn, the Hugo Award, the Nebula Award, and so on. Because this book was so beloved by science fiction fans worldwide, it seemed only natural that a movie adaptation would be in the works. Then the movie quickly became plagued with pre-production problems and entered development hell until writer/director Gavin Hood resurrected the concept and finally brought the long gestating film to the screen. I’ll try to keep spoilers down to a minimum, but seeing as the book has been out for a few decades, I’m not going to bother censoring myself much. Consider that your warning. Continue reading